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Canasta Uncooked Flour Tortillas have that “just made freshness” and “home cooked taste” that you’ve come to love from your favorite authentic Mexican eatery. We’ve made ordering Canasta Uncooked Flout Tortillas a whole lot easier. By going to the Tortillas Page you will be able to order our wonderful tortillas at a discounted wholesale price from the comfort of your home or business. While you wait for your tortillas to arrive be sure to check out our Traditional Mexican Recipes and our Modern Adventurous Recipes to learn how to make fun and delicious meals with your tortillas. For general questions visit our FAQ’s.  Read More →

Traditional Mexican Recipes

Bunuelos! Cinnamon & Sugar Desert!

Bunuelos are a traditional Mexican desert. They are made using fresh flour tortillas and some cinnamon and sugar to taste. This is a Mexican desert that you will... 


A very traditional and simple Mexican dish. Guacamole and Sour Cream are great dips for Quesadillas. Pre heat your skillet While on low to medium flame, place... 

Modern Adventurous Recipes

Nutella & Strawberry Mexican Style Crepes

Try this delicious Mexican Style crepe. Canasta Uncooked Flour Tortillas are so light that you can use them as crepes! Instructions: Slowly cook a Canasta Tortilla... 

Tortilla Pizza

Pizza for One: Place four tortillas on a pizza sheet Fork throughly so that the tortillas don’t rise Cover the tortillas lightly with oil to avoid burning...